We’ve worked with lots of great people over the years. Here’s what just a few have had to say about Swift Results, Inc..

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Working with Lori and the entire staff at Swiftcurrrent Investment Group has been amazing since day one. The entire group provides great personal attention throughout the entire process. We would recommend working with these wonderful people to anyone.

Brian & Manda Bode

Wendy and I want to thank you both for your follow-through and professionalism over the past several years.  You were always accessible when we needed explanations for loans or had questions.  So perhaps we will cross paths again down the line.  We wish you great health and prosperity!


Javin and Wendy Baker

Javin Baker

I was only wanting to say how much we appreciate being with a great rental company. Thankfully Zane and I are still working as normal, so we’re ok, but to see the heart warming emails that you guys send out trying to help tenants all that you can, is wonderful! Especially after hearing horror stories from other people and what they are going through with their landlords.
So again, we thank you.

Leylah and Zane Dixon

Leylah and Zane

Congratulations Swiftcurrent on the house sale!!Thank you for the update.
Please understand that it was our pleasure to work with you guys. Frankly, Swiftcurrent Investment Group really pulled us out of a fire at a time when we face a tectonic shift in careers and geographic location. It would likely have set us back substantially had you not swooped in and managed the property for all parties involved.
I’m very happy it all worked out.

Be Well,
Devin L.

Devin Long

Very good landlords.. Anytime we needed anything you all responded quickly.
We would definitely rent from you again.
We were happy with the house and our neighbors. It was great living in the coldisac where the kids were safe and could play with their friends. Unfortunately we outgrew the house. Thank you all for everything!
Erin and Nate Fox (October 2019)

Erin Fox

Congratulations to Fabian on  purchasing his first home from us.

Fabian successfully purchased his home after renting it for just over 2 years.

Kevin and Joyce Davis rented for 8 years and then went on to purchase their home. They went through job changes, illnesses and other challenges and pulled it together after a lot of work.

Lori Jake

Kathy Castavani successfully purchased her home after renting for 7 years

Lori Jake

Absolutely amazing!!!!! My husband and I just bought our first home yesterday after a year and a half of renting. Lori was great about taking care if maintenance issues quickly and efficiently, and made our first home experience easy and phenomenal. She even went the extra mile and got us a congratulations gift to celebrate our new home. She was also the one that sold my parents their first home!! I 100% absolutely recommend them for anyone looking to get their forever home!!!!!

“My husband and I started working with Ashley and within a week we found the home of our dreams. Ashley is amazing. We tell all of our friends about Swift and give them Ashley’s number so they can find the home of their dreams. We would recommend Ashley to friends, family, and strangers, that’s how AWESOME they are.”

-Sonya and Ron