Just a Reminder of Fall Duties we request our Tenants to be active participants in caring for their Rental Home:

Our tenants take great care of their home with a little direction and assistance. Here is something that every renter and home owner should know for maintaining their home at this time of year

Tips to Protect Your Home in the Fall

Helpful Tips of reminders for you to do around your home during the fall season, before the first freeze:

  1. Put winter fertilizer on the grass and then give it one good watering before winter. Then have the sprinklers turned off and only do hand watering if needed.
  2. Blow out your sprinklers- if you have underground sprinklers you need to have them blown out and turned off before it freezes. You want to get this done by a professional and to be safe; you likely want to have this done by the end of October.

The $30-$50 cost of draining out your sprinklers is far better than over $200 when the pipes crack and need to be repaired in the spring.

  1. Disconnect watering hoses from spickets in the evening and at night. Any time it freezes you should not have hoses connected because that can cause bad leaks.
  2. Service your furnace if it has not been serviced with in the past year.
  3. Change furnace filters monthly- this will decrease your utility bill and improve the life of your furnace.
  4. Make sure you clean the leaves out of any gutters before it snows so that the leaves to not block drainage.
  5. Vacuum the backs of large appliances – the coils will get dusty and cleaning them will help with their efficiency.
  6. Lighting the pilot light if you have gas fireplaces. DO NOT use matches, they are autopilots. If you need help you can read the instructions on the door of the fireplace or call the utility company.
  7. Test your Smoke detectors and replace batteries as needed.