Spring Cleaning? A Few Time Saving Tips

Spring is a great time to get energized and clean your home.  Leaves are appearing on trees, flowers are beginning to bloom, grass is getting green, and it’s a nice time to just open up the windows and get down to spring cleaning.  Here are a few time-saving tips that we have found helpful when spring cleaning:

Give Your Microwave a Steam Bath

Splashes and splatters in the microwave can get baked onto the interior surface, making it a exhausting task for this household appliance that is supposed to make out lives so easy. Make it easier on yourself by boiling a cup of water in the microwave first. That will create a mini steam bath that will soften stuck on food, allowing for faster clean-up

Vacuum Window Treatments

If your drapes and curtains aren’t visibly dirty, you can skip taking them down to launder, and vacuum them instead. Use the furniture or upholstery attachment to remove the dust, and you’ll be able to stretch the time between full launderings.

Purge Pet Hair with Rubber Gloves

It takes a long time to vacuum all of those tiny pet hairs off upholstery—and even then, there are always some left behind. Put on a pair of rubber gloves instead, and wipe your hands over the surfaces of your chairs and couches. The fur will ball up, and you can easily pick it up to throw it away.

Invest in a Microfiber Mop

Make the job faster and quicker dusting the walls and ceilings by using a microfiber mop with a long handle. It eliminates the need for a step ladder and reduces strain and effort.

Dust the Ceiling Fan with a Pillowcase

Cleaning the blades of a ceiling fan is a crappy hand numbing job, but it has to be done. Do it fast, and keep the dust and grime controlled by using a pillow case as the cleaning rag and the dust bin at once. Slide the case over each blade in turn. When you pull it back, all the dust and debris will fall into the pillow case, instead of on the floor.

Vacuum Blinds and Pleated Shades

The tedious work of cleaning dusty blinds and pleated shades cuts into time that could be spent on enjoying your home. Instead of cleaning them by hand, save on time by employing the long bristle attachment on your vacuum to suck up dust and dirt quickly.

Put Your Shower Curtain in the Washing Machine

No more scrubbing down a slimy mildew shower curtain liner with bleach. Save yourself the effort by simply throwing it in the washing machine on the gentle cycle. (put bleach into “bleach reservoir or dilute first) .Add in a few towels, and it will come out free slime and soap scum and mold, with almost no effort from you.

Drop Denture Tablets in the Toilet

For deep anti-bacterial cleaning that requires absolutely no elbow grease, drop a couple of denture tablets into the toilet bowl and walk away. Come back in about 5 minutes and flush before moving on.

Clean the Dishwasher with Vinegar

Don’t laugh: Even your dishwasher needs a good cleaning periodically. Soap residue, food scraps, and build up can dirty your appliance over time, eventually compromising its efficiency. You can restore its cleaning power by giving it a wash—but you don’t need to make a big deal out of it. Place a dishwasher safe cup(like pyrex measuring cup)on the top rack and fill with one cup of vinegar and run it through on the hottest water setting. When you return, your dishwasher will be squeaky clean.

Give Your Oven Racks a Bath

Soaking baking dishes is a great way to remove grease and grime without lifting a finger. The same goes for your oven racks. Give them an overnight soak in the bathtub, after first laying a towel down to protect your enamel from scratches. Lay your oven racks on top, fill the tub with the hottest water you can, and swish in some laundry detergent. Call it a night, and then watch a movie and go to bed. When you wake up, the grease will have dissolved, and all you need to do is rinse and dry.

Bag Your Burners and Grates

Stove burners and grates see a lot of abuse. Cooking spills, grease splatters, and the inevitable dust that collects in corners and crevices make these fixtures hard to clean. Make it easy by popping each grate into a sealable ziplock if big enough or sealed garbage bag with about 1/2 cup of ammonia. Seal it completely and let it sit overnight. In the morning, your job is done for you.



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