If you are interested in becoming a tenant with Colorado Springs Houses for Rent, you must first meet our tenant credit requirement, which is a credit, or FICO, score of greater than 650. We utilize an automated system which will pull a credit report from Transunion for each application that is submitted.  When you fill out and submit an application through our website, you will be charged for the application to cover the cost of the credit check and processing fee. You will then be notified, using the email you provided on the application, to inform you that your credit will be pulled for the purpose of your rental application.  You will need to authorize the credit check through a link on the email. If you do not authorize the check, the application can’t be processed.

Please be aware that if your credit score is less than what we require (650 or higher), your application will not be forwarded to us as our system will automatically reject your application.  So make sure you do meet our requirements before you pay for the report.  There are no exceptions to this requirement, and we will not speak to any prospective tenant regarding the terms and condition of becoming our tenant until an application has been processed through our automated system.

It is very important that you be aware of what is contained in your credit report as your FICO score is critical to renting or purchasing a home.  In addition, your periodic review of your credit report can alert you to any fraud that may be happening in your credit accounts. There are 3 major companies which track and provide your credit information. They are:

Equifax (EFX)

PO Box 740241

Atlanta, GA 300374

Phone (800)-685-1111


Experian (XPN)

National Consumer Assistance Center

PO Box 2002

Allen , TX  75013

Phone (888)-EXPERIAN or (888)-397-3742


TransUnion LLC (TUC)

Consumer Disclosure Center

PO Box 1000

Chester, PA  19022

Phone (800)-888-4213