Here are the instructions you will need to follow in order to sign your elease agreement. For the first lease agreement, ideally we will have our new tenants come into the office to review the agreement face to face and sign in house. This process will take approximately 1 hour . Future renewals will be done electronically through email and esign by all signing parties.  A lease renewal will be emailed to each signing party. Each person on the lease will need a unique email address and some type of smart phone in order to complete the elease signing process.

Here are your HOW To Instructions:

Look in your email that you have on file with us – for an email from Lori Jake. The subject title is “Please Sign Lease Agreement, (Your Address)”  – PLEASE NOTE it may be in JUNK MAIL.

Open the email

Click on “Click here to review and sign lease agreement (Your Address).

Select the Yellow START button. It will turn into a “NEXT” button.

Select the NEXT button. It takes you to a field for your initials. Click on that initials box. Clicking it will take you to a “Mobile Initials” screen. DO NOT CLICK THE CLOSE BUTTON AT ANY POINT. Type your cell phone number, then click the SEND button only. (Do NOT click CLOSE Button).

Look for a text message on your phone. The text says: “Adobe Sign:…etc.” Click on the blue link – this takes you to a new screen. Draw in your initials with your finger. Click DONE button.

Go back to your computer – to the web page, where your initials that you just drew in, now appear. Type in your initials below your drawn initials. Click the APPLY button.

It will automatically take you back to the Lease Agreement and will automatically insert your initials.

Click the NEXT button ONCE. It will take you to the next field requiring your initials. Click on that blank field. It will fill in your initials when you click on it. Then click the NEXT button once again and continue to repeat. There are a total of 8 fields that require your initials.

When you’re done initialing, click the NEXT button again and it will now take you to the “Mobile Signature:” screen. Your mobile phone number should already be filled in. DO NOT CLICK THE CLOSE BUTTON AT ANY TIME. Click only the SEND button.

You will receive another text message on your phone. Click the blue link. This takes you to the signature screen. Turn your phone sideways. Sign your name. (You can erase/re-do by clicking “Clear”.) Once you’re done signing your signature, click the blue DONE button. This returns you back to the computer/switch back to the Lease Agreement, Mobile Signature page. Type in your name you used for your signature – under your drawn signature. Click the blue APPLY button.

When you click the APPLY button it will take you back to the Lease Agreement.

LAST STEP: Click the blue CLICK TO SIGN button. It should then go to a screen that says:

“You Have Successfully Signed the Agreement.”